We can help you walk again

Did you know Foot Balance Technology can help you fight your walking inability better?

It is possible to enable people who have lower limb deformities caused by any accident, disease or even congenital conditions to be back on their feet.

Foot Balance Technology is a specialized professional Pedorthic service provider based in Sydney, Australia. We provide care for feet & ankles through proper footwear for men, women, and children.

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We recommend and make the right footwear

Our dreams help us move forward in life. So do our feet. If at any point in your life your feet deny to give you the support you need, we can help you. We are here to empower you and your loved ones with mobility and confidence so that you can chase your dreams.
We recommend and make the right footwear – the kind that will help you regain your balance, free you from pain, and let you keep doing what you love the most.

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Meet Sayed Ahmed
founder, Foot Balance Technology

Foot Balance Technology was founded by qualified pedorthist Sayed Ahmed in 2016. You can read more about Sayed’s qualifications and experience, his passion for diabetic foot health, and his work to improve foot health in developing countries.


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Case studies of our clients


There’s nothing harder than not being able to be on one’s feet. There are thousands of people suffering from difficulties in the lower limbs around the world. Over the years we have helped many people gain back their mobility and have put them back on track in their lives.

Watch the video and hear an inspiring story.

If you or anyone you know needs help managing or regaining their ability to walk at any point in their life, let us help.

Spread the word so that everyone knows that we are here and we can help people walk again.

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Our services

At Foot Balance Technology we manage and treat various conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower limb extremities that require fitting, fabrication, and adjustments of pedorthic devices/footwear.
We make or modify footwear to assist clients to recover as much mobility as possible.

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Our products

It’s an unavoidable truth that the longer we walk the earth, the less stable the foundation provided by our hardworking feet becomes. Some of us are born with conditions that bring foot health challenges – such as cerebral palsy or a leg length difference. For others, poor-fitting shoes have caused bunions or calluses and disease has led to foot health complications.

We recommend and make the right footwear – the kind that will help you regain your balance, free you from pain and let you keep doing what you love best.

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Find out if you can access the

What is NDIS?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian government program that covers the expenses of disability.

People under the age of 65 with a “permanent and substantial” disability are entitled to complete funding for all “fair and appropriate” care needs relating to their disability under the scheme (subject to certain restrictions).

The person receives funding, and the individual or their trustee selects the providers that will deliver the funded goods and services.

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Enable NSW the long-term
disability support

What is Enable?
NSW Aids and Equipment Program (Enable NSW), formerly known as PADP, provides adequate equipment, aids, and services to qualifying residents of NSW who have a life-long or long-term disability in order to survive and function in their society.

The Allow NSW Aids & Equipment Program recognises us as a supplier of Pedorthic Services.

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