Tips for Foot Care

How to look after your feet?

There’s more to your feet than you think.

You have 28 small bones in each foot – more bones than in any other part of your body.

And, this fragile-looking collection of bones and the tendons and muscles that support them take a pounding every day.

In fact, every time you take a step, your feet experience a force of almost double your bodyweight.

What’s more, there are many diseases and conditions which can lead to foot health problems – think diabetes, arthritis, stroke, gout and more.

So, how can you look after your feet and keep them fit for the job?

Well, Treat your feet nice

 Avoid walking barefoot – this is vital for people suffering from diabetes and important for everyone in order to protect our feet from infections, dryness, or injury.

Wear flip-flops in moist areas – poolside, at the beach, and in the bathroom –  to protect your feet from bacterial infections.

Encourage blood flow to your feet – take a walk, flex your ankles, wiggle your toes, and stretch your calf muscles throughout the day.

If you injure your foot in any way, see your doctor or podiatrist – this is especially important for diabetics.

Don’t ignore the pain in your feet or ankles – even slight pain can be a warning sign of a serious complaint.

Look after the skin on your feet – apply moisturizer before going to bed.

If you suffer from a chronic disease, like diabetes or arthritis, visit your doctor regularly. there are two steps involved.

Choose the right shoes

The right shoes play a starring role in foot health by preventing many common problems and easing existing foot complaints.

I can’t emphasise this enough. The right shoes really matter.

Here are a few pointers:

Choose a shoe that fits you perfectly (or better yet, have a pedorthist fit them for you). Make sure there is enough room for your toes – a size too big and you’ll feel like the shoe is coming off, a size too small, and your feet will feel cramped.

You may think you know your size, but get your feet measured every time you buy shoes. Life stages (pregnancy for example) and weight gain or loss can alter your size.

Think of a good quality shoe as your best friend. Your feet deserve the best. Spending a little bit more on the right shoes is a good investment.

Avoid vinyl or plastic shoes, they don’t breathe and will make your feet sweat.

Avoid wearing high-heeled or platform-heeled shoes for long periods as they are not good for your posture.

For those with fashion-related doubts, I’m happy to say orthopaedic or comfort shoes have come a long way. It is possible to get foot health and style in the same shoebox.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our range of shoes here.

Contact us to find out how Foot Balance Technology can help you choose the right shoes and look after your feet.

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