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Are you a

If you meet the criteria and have had your Prescriber assessed you for Footwear, we will need two things to complete your application:

  1. “Equipment Request Form” (ERF) from your prescriber (download here):
  2. “Enable NSW Application Form” filled out by you (download here): along with any other information Enable NSW has requested.

If you need a quote appointment after completing each of these forms, please follow these simple steps:



Appointments can be made at our clinics –

The Ashley Centre, Unit-19, 1A Ashley Lane,
Westmead, NSW 2145.

or, Unit 8, 15 Carrington Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154.

call: 1300 246 28.


What to bring to
your appointment?

The Enable NSW “Equipment Request Form” (ERF) filled out by your Prescribing Podiatrist.
The Enable NSW “Application Form” that you are required to fill out
A copy of your Medicare card, pension card, or ATO notice of assessment
A pair of socks
The shoes that you are leaving to be modified or repaired
The shoes that you are leaving to have your custom moulded orthoses fitted
Any other information you think we may need

What to expect

Estimate Quotes

Prescribers may request an estimation quote for lodgement purposes.

Sometimes we send your prescriber estimation quotes via email based on the details they’ve given. We won’t need to see you for a quotation appointment as a result of this.

We will email you to schedule an appointment to complete the requested supply once we receive a purchasing order from Enable NSW.

All inquiries regarding waiting times and your application should be directed to Enable NSW on 1800 362 253.

Purchase Orders

New Footwear and orthoses

We will start working on your footwear once we receive your purchase order from Enable NSW.

We will contact you to schedule an appointment for measurements or to take plaster moulds/casts, and your footwear will be ready in 4-6 weeks.


We can start working on the modification/repair request once we get your purchase order from Enable NSW. We will call you to set up an appointment for you to drop off your footwear for alterations or repairs.

Check ups

It is a supply requirement that you return for a check-up within 2-4 weeks after this “wearing in” period to ensure that everything is working properly for you.

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