NDIS Case Manager

case manager

We are pleased to give an assessment, our recommendations, and a quote once the Participant has been assessed for Medical Grade Footwear and it is in their plan under “assistive technology.”.

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We operate as part of an Allied Health multi-disciplinary team, thus a referral describing the participant’s health history, information, and/or assistive technology assessment is beneficial to us in achieving the participant’s goals and intended outcomes.

Before we may schedule appointments, all new NDIS participants must complete the online referral form.


Appointments can be made at  our clinics – The Ashley Centre, Unit-19, 1A Ashley Lane, Westmead, NSW 2145 or Unit 8, 15 Carrington Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154, call 1300 246 328

Quotes & Approvals

We will provide either the NDIS Coordinator or the NDIS lodgement centre with a quote after the assessment and we will await a written approval to proceed with the recommended supply.

Footwear/Orthoses Supply

An appointment for fitting and collection is required, and we discuss the recommended guidelines for “wearing in new shoes and orthoses”.

A check-up appointment is arranged within 2-4 weeks following this “wearing in” period.


We would welcome any inquiries you may have and are always happy to discuss ways to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

We find emailing photographs to info@footbalancetech.com.au helpful to ascertain quotes and the benefits of Pedorthic Management for your participant.