Patient Survey

Our survey is short, but it matters

We’re dedicated to providing you a best experience, so please tell us how you think we’re doing.

How satisfied are you with the orthopedic and surgical footwear provided by FBtech?
Please rate your overall satisfaction with the quality of the orthopedic shoes you received from FBtech?
How would you rate the clarity and helpfulness of the information provided to you regarding the selection and use of orthopedic shoes?
Did FBtech meet your expectations in terms of timely delivery and availability of the orthopedic shoes you required?
To what extent did FBtech's services contribute to an improvement in your overall foot health and comfort?
Were you satisfied with the efficiency and professionalism of the staff during your visits to FBtech?
How likely are you to recommend FBtech to friends or family members in need of orthopedic shoes or foot-related services?